Catalyst for Discovery: Harnessing the Potential of Human Epiregulin (EREG) with ELISA Technology"

The Human Epiregulin (EREG) ELISA kit is a laboratory tool designed for the quantitative measurement of epiregulin, a protein that plays a crucial role in various cellular processes such as cell proliferation and differentiation. ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) kits enable researchers to detect and quantify specific proteins in biological samples, providing valuable insights into their expression levels and potential implications in health and disease.



Biomarker discovery

Identification and quantification of epiregulin levels in biological samples can aid in the discovery of potential biomarkers associated with various diseases and conditions.


Stem cell research

Epiregulin plays a role in regulating stem cell proliferation and differentiation. The ELISA kit can be employed to study epiregulin expression during stem cell differentiation processes and tissue regeneration.

Clinical diagnostics

Measurement of epiregulin levels in patient samples may have diagnostic and prognostic value in certain diseases, aiding in patient stratification and treatment decision-making.


Wide dynamic range

A broad dynamic range accommodates varying concentrations of epiregulin in different samples, allowing for accurate quantification across a wide range of concentrations.

Ease of use

User-friendly protocols and clear instructions streamline the assay process, minimizing errors and reducing assay time


Quality controls

Inclusion of internal controls and quality assurance measures ensures the reliability and validity of assay results.

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